Our Curriculum is a blend of different educational approaches and methods. Creative Child follows EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and has been inspired by Tools of the Mind and Reggio Emilia Practices

Our unique curriculum is based on playing that allows children to discover, explore, initiate and pretend. Our staff will guide children through appropriate student –teacher interaction strategies and careful planning. Our educational approach is based on theory, research ,and proven practices.

The young children can use for creative play in any way they like, within certain guidelines for safety and clean up.

Open-ended materials are like open-ended questions. There is no "one" answer or one "right" way to use them. Any child can enjoy, and be successful in creating with crayons, markers, clay, paper and glue. Recyclable loose parts like: wooden blocks, dress ups, props, real kitchen tools, mirrors, and natural materials like: seeds, stones, sand, and water are also open-ended materials which can be used in many ways. Using open-ended materials nurtures both the child's creativity and self-esteem.

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