We provide a distinctive nursery and pre-school experience for your children aged from 1 to under 4 years old. Creative child aspires to provide the right conditions where your child can thrive as a healthy and creative child.

"Creative Child Nursery School-Award winning of 'Outstanding Nursery Provider'' in February 2016 -  have a very successful rate of placement of our students in the top British and  American International Schools in Qatar i.e.Doha Collage, ASD, ACS, ISL, DESS, GEMS, QTS, SEK, Newton(s), Compass, Qatar Canadian School(Blyth Academy) as well as Qatar Independent Schools

We offer a creative, child-friendly yet safe "Learning through Play" environment in which our young learners achieve their best and are ready for the next Giant Step in their School Life in a smooth way."


Nursery Philosophy

Creative child aim to provide a creative and nurturing environment that promotes confidence and love for learning.

Creativity means having the power or quality to express yourself in your own way. Children are naturally creative. They see the world through fresh, new eyes and then use what they see in original ways. One of the most rewarding parts of working with children is the chance to watch them create. They do it all the time, all by themselves. Caregivers need only to encourage the natural creativity that exists. Children display creativity in all parts of play, but especially in four main areas: Art, Language, Music and Movement and Fantasy. Staff members also serve as examples to the children, since children learn as much by observing others as they do by direct instruction. The teaching staff acts as facilitators rather than the directors of activities. Children are allowed to use their creativity according to their own ability and ideas.


Mission Statement

Creative Child aspires to provide the right conditions where your child can thrive as an emotionally intelligent, healthy and creative child.

Our unique curriculum is based on active learning and it fosters the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of children. Providing a stimulating and professional preschool experience, Creative Child prepares children aged 12 months to 4 years old for the school years.



Creative Child opened its doors in September 2004.

Since the beginning, Creative Child has aimed to have high international standards that provide the best childcare for residents and non-residents of Riviera Gardens Compound.

Creative Child started with a couple of classrooms and less than 30 children. Today we have a maximum capacity of 150 seats with 7 different classes, huge outdoor and indoor facilities with the best equipment, toys and the well-equipped Academic Resource Room.



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